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Email Service is a leading brand of cloud services for Taiwanese and Japanese enterprises, providing high-standard cloud infrastructure, providing local, international or cross-strait mail sending and receiving services to solve various types of enterprise mail application scenarios.

Provide mobile receiving and sending and instant communication experience

With the latest @ Mail2000 mobile APP, it supports smartphones and tablets such as iOS (iPhone) and Android.

E-mail and instant messaging are integrated for team work conversations at any time.

Anti-ransomware fraud defense mechanism

Combined with the zero-day filtering and defense mechanism in the cloud, it blocks malicious ransomware links and attached letters, improving corporate information security.

Provide a comprehensive online anti-virus mailbox, without the need to purchase additional anti-virus software, you can achieve professional anti-virus quality such as large websites.

Independent configuration of enterprise mailbox space

Flexible system settings, according to the size and needs of enterprises, set user permissions and space for flexible configuration.

The total space is 50GB, which can be flexibly set to 10GB for the boss, 5GB for business staff, 500MB for general staff, etc.

Follow ISO27001 International Security Standards

The cloud data center in Taiwan has introduced Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room security, anti-hacking, and security mechanisms, all of which have reached the highest international certification standards.

Real-time monitoring of POP3, SMTP, Web, IMAP4, and mail transmission volume of the mail service.

Account Secret Protection

Provide account secret policy security mechanism without worrying about the security of weak password accounts.

Attach a picture to the signature file

The editor supports image dragging, strengthens personal or company advertising, and increases marketing exposure.

Group management

Establish an organized tree group structure, provide group accounts, and apply business management flexibly.

Painless transfer

Use the built-in transfer function to easily transfer accounts and letters from your old mail service.

Cloud attachment

Provide files to be converted into cloud attachments and provide download links, and large file letters communicate more smoothly.

Data synchronization

Support CardDAV, CalDAV and Outlook add-in packages to synchronize cloud calendar and address book at any time.

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