Use archive backup to help you retrieve the most important information from millions of letters in real time

Email Archiving is a cloud-based mail archiving service with built-in search engine and mail archiving functions. It also provides a mechanism for personal and corporate mail retrieval and restoration to assist in implementing regulations and mail security policies.

Built-in search engine, real-time query and restoration

Combined with the core of the Openfind enterprise search engine, inquiries about complex letters can also provide immediate responses.

Provide multi-column mail and attachment file retrieval, including multiple layers of compressed files, encrypted attachment files, and query alert emails without missing.


Provide multiple mail archive backup solutions

Instantly back up MailCloud mailbox letters.

Support Office 365, G Suite, Yahoo, hiBox corporate mailbox email archiving.

Choose the most suitable mail restoration plan

A single letter or a small amount of letters provide instant forwarding and downloading online.

Provide ISO/EML/PST/POP3 to export and restore a large number of letters in full text.

One-click browsing of mail connection records

Graphically present account delivery records between accounts.

The graphics can be generated to match the results of any search.

MailCloud mailbox restore

Back up the letter and mailbox information, you can select the required range, restore the letter and mailbox of the latest restore point. (Coming soon)

Outlook integration

With the installation of a special package, users who are used to Outlook can also easily query historical emails in the cloud.

Attached file format identification

Recognize the changed file extension, any file but disguised as a picture file format.

MailCloud interface integration

Provide "archive mail box" from WebMail single interface, directly browse historical mail and operation recovery.

Encrypted query

Provides query of 7-ZIP, ZIP and RAR encrypted files, and can recognize encrypted files of Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF software

Hard Disk Spare Solution

The hard disk backup service has the advantages of "permanent storage, installation-free, and searchable", and built-in offline retrieval tool.





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