DiGiOnePunch was established with the purpose of helping bring Thai businesses to the world market. By providing business management systems in various fields with international quality To help Thai entrepreneurs manage their business efficiently and help to reduce business costs at a tangible price. 

DiGiOnePunch is under VT Group, is an online media regarding Thailand covering news, business, travel, food, culture, interview, and more. The content is in many formats, including articles and videos provided on websites, social media, and video platforms. The audiences are the Chinese speakers who are interested in Thailand, and expats from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

In 2014, when the New Southbound Policy was not reinforced, the millennial couples Lee Che Ter and Chen Wei Ru traveled from Taiwan to Thailand to create a new possibility related to Thailand. The registered companies in Bangkok, Taipei, and Guangzhou. The company got some funding from the Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry maximum 1 million Taiwanese dollars and the support from the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI).


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